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The Three Phases of Wellness

Phase I: Acute Phase

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This phase is characterized by injury or pain.  For this reason, this the most common phase for which patients seek out a chiropractor.  Unfortunately, this has led to the misconception that chiropractic is merely an acute phase care.  In reality, chiropractic is optimized when used as a preventative healthcare approach.


Often, by the time you develop pain, your spinal problem is already deteriorated to Stage two, three or four degeneration. This would be similar to asking your dentist to clean your teeth to stop the pain you’re experiencing from a rotten tooth from years of neglect.

The good news is, the majority of chiropractic candidates will see significant reductions of their symptoms by utilizing phase I. Unfortunately, this often clouds the patient’s perception of why they started chiropractic care in the first place, which was to locate and eliminate the cause of the pain versus simply covering up the symptoms. The truth is that phase I is only the beginning of what chiropractic can do for your health.

Phase II: Remodeling Phase

The purpose of this phase is to transition from merely addressing painful symptoms to actually attempting to correct underlying structural and/or functional spinal conditions which result in nerve interference.  Patients who understand the long term benefits to holistic health understand that a small, early investment will pay off with huge rewards, in the end, with more productive, healthier, and enjoyable lives.  Therefore, this phase is all about attempting to correct the inter-segmental and global spinal areas and bring them as close as possible to healthy standards.  Due to its corrective nature, this phase often takes much longer than Phase I, however, office visits are not as frequent.

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Phase III: Wellness Phase


The majority of the patients that we see in our office are in the wellness phase of their care.  This phase is where individuals maintain prior corrections achieved in Phases I and II.  This regular attention allows for the chiropractor to catch small issues as they arise and before they have the chance to become serious.  Prevention saves you not only time, but also money by helping you stay well.


We do not believe that health is merely the absence of pain.  Our holistic approach includes the patients adhering to a broad range of healthy habits to ensure optimum mental and physical function.  Our hope for our patients is that they move beyond just 'feeling better' to fully enjoying life and being at a higher level of wellness.  Chiropractic is integral part of this wellness lifestyle because of its focus on the nervous system.  Because the nerves control every individual part of the body, and therefore, the majority of our lives, those who want to be their best selves add regular chiropractic care to their other health practices.  As a result, they tend to find more vitality, endurance, and the capacity to enjoy life to its fullest.