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"Everyone was so friendly and helpful. They explained everything about the process and made sure that I understood everything." -April McDowell
"Great experience, would recommend everyone to get treatment at Healthy Life Chiropractic." -Kirk Jones
"Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful staff and doctor." -Susan Bevill
"Great customer service. Everyone had an upbeat and welcoming personality." -Anonymous
"Rhonda was very helpful when changing my appointment time. My adjustment was handled with expediency. And Kristi's massage was perfect!" -Robert Graff
"Thank you so much for your wonderful care. Regardless of whether I am a weekly patient or MIA for a bit. Your office is friendly and encouraging and SOOOO helpful. Thank you!" -Sarah O'Callaghan

Patient written Testimonials


Karen Cook

"Five and a half years ago, I was involved in a major car accident and sent to the hospital via ambulance where I stayed 2 days due to my injuries. Once release, I started seeking help with my ongoing pain and injuries. I used several doctors and a chiropractor for my pain but it seemed to reduce my pain levels slightly, not clear them up. I even went to a pain clinic and had 7 outpatient surgeries, 6 of which I was put to sleep. After the 7th surgery the doctor threw his hands up and said, "I can't do anything for you," so back to the MD and Chiropractor I went; but still only got some light relief. My husband and I were very frustrated because we didn't know what was going on. No one would say they could help us, only to, "keep coming, we have more meds you can try and keep up that physical therapy." By December 2014, after 4 years, I was tired of seething doctors and I took a step back to regroup and see what direction I should take. I felt okay, had some pain, but I was done with pain medication and surgeries. 
I was okay until President's Day 2015. I was cleaning and twisted wrong and went straight to the ground in pain with tears in my eyes; my husband had to lift me off the floor because I could barely move. A few days later, a friend of my husband said go see Dr. Tina McKay, she helped me and I'm sure she can give you some relief. We called and got an appointment that week and my first visit was amazing. Dr. Tina and her staff spent 4 hours with my husband and I checking my pain levels, range of motion, hot spots on my back, hips, and neck, and taking x-rays, 32 if i remember correctly. The whole time I was crying and the staff members would come by and hold my hand and give me support and encouragement that it would get better. 
Dr. Tina looked at the data gathered by her staff and then something amazing happened, she looked us both in the eye and did what no other doctor had done since my wreck, she diagnosed me and told me where my pain was coming from, what she could correct, and what would be a challenge for me. I also got some major relief that day when Dr. Tina gave me my first adjustment. My first visit was so positive, so informative, and we were greeted with smiles and hugs. Never in my life had I been in an office environment so positive. 
I did have to call Dr. Tina on a early on in my care due to the pain level on a rainy Sunday in February. With her kids in tow, she met me at the office and gave me relief. That day I purchased a TENS Unit! I thank God for whoever thought of that machine as it helped my muscles so much; and yes, Healthy Life Chiropractic does sell those along with other great items like ice packs and bio-freeze. 
I have now been seeing Dr. Tina for a year and a half, I have regained so much flexibility, my pain levels are reduced to low levels, I can pick up my grandchildren again, and go for walks with my husband and puppy, and can swim in the ocean again. Dr. Tina and her staff at Healthy Life Chiropractic have given me my life back! Thank you everyone for your loving care, a shoulder to lean on, and a good laugh every time I come for an appointment."
 -Karen Cook


Carlene Deese

"When I first came to Dr. Tina, I had already been to two orthopedic doctors. They had sent me to rehab, which didn't seem to help the problem. Two years before I came to Dr. Tina, I woke up one morning and couldn't stand up straight, sit down, or lay down to find relief. After two years of tests and also going to pain doctors, I finally found Dr. Tina and wow what a difference. She worked with me and I was able to walk better, sit, and lay down without the pain going down my legs. I have Spondy and a bulging disc. The Spondy was diagnosed several years before but had not given me any problem until I woke up one day and couldn't stand, sit, or lay down and find relief. The throbbing pain would shoot from my lower back to my hip, down my right leg, wrapped around my knee, down my calf to my ankle, and wrapped around my ankle. 
At the present time, I am now having Decompression on my back, and wow what a difference it has made! I can now take a step and not have pain radiating down from my left hip. The orthopedic doctors only wanted to perform surgery; one doctor wanted to put rods in my back. I refused and I am so thankful I did. Dr. Tina is amazing!!"
-Carlene Deese


Sandy Cooper

"My name is Sandy Cooper. I have been coming to Healthy Life Chiropractic for over a year now. The treatments I receive give me such a relief of stress. The personnel is a big part of my relief. They are terrific and very professional. Dr. Tina is very educated in her field. Between treatments and supplements, I am feeling much better. I would, and have, recommend Dr. Tina to my friends." 
-Sandy Cooper


Darlene Cox

"I came to Healthy Life because I had been having pain and lack of mobility in my right shoulder. I was unable to lift my arm above shoulder level. I had been experiencing this pain for over a year and it was getting worse! Dr. Tina started adjusting me and I was receiving massage therapy as well. I signed up for a treatment plan of about 40-60 chiropractic adjustments and 20+ massage therapies. I started feeling more movement ability after about the second month of treatment!! I was so happy because I thought I was going to have to live like that the rest of my life with my arm and shoulder in pain and unable to move properly. But, thanks to the Chiropractic care and therapy, I can now lift my arm over my head with no pain! (Age 50)
While at Chiropractic sessions, Dr. Tina also noticed my digestive system wasn't working properly and she suggested HRT (Health Response Testing), so i signed up for that too! I was diagnosed with U/C when I was 22 and was given 10 years to live!! I have been in and out of hospitals and doctors' offices, usually prescribed steroids. I stopped taking the drugs a while ago but was experiencing a flare-up which meant I would have to get back to more doctors with more drugs and colon scans. BUT, HRT gave a specific nutritional supplement program just for me. I took as prescribed and within 4 days the symptoms were gone!! Within two weeks, I had no pain or symptoms, and two years later nothing about my U/C has returned! I feel so good! Thanks to Dr. Tina and staff, I am feeling so much better at 52 years of age. You don't have to take the 'normal' medical doctors diagnosis! There is another way!! HRT helped me!!! 
Darlene Cox

Debbie Fambro

"I have been a patient at Healthy Life Chiropractic for over 3 years! After driving several hundred miles a week and spending time on the computer for work, I not only get regular adjustments, I utilize the massage therapists as well. I've recently begun using, with success, Standard Process supplements and Doterra Essential Oils. I appreciate the holistic approach to care by all of the staff at Healthy Life!
-Debbie Fambro

Laura Elliot

A dear friend of mine, Bev D., recommended Dr. Tina to me 3 months ago... and I am forever grateful that she did! I came down with shingles on my eyelid, forehead, and scalp two years ago. The severe pain and intense itching continued, even after I had been to numerous doctors and therapists. The unsuccessful treatments were very expensive and included prescription medications, nerve blocks, pulse stimulators, laser light therapy, and acupuncture. Nothing helped... until I started Chiropractic care at Healthy Life Chiropractic. With each visit, I began to feel more and more relief and I am finally beginning to heal!
I thank God for Dr. Tina and her wonderful team for helping me get my life back. I am happy and eager to tell everyone I know that Healthy Life Chiropractic is an answer to so many people's prayers. I am blessed to be one of them! Please tell your family, friends, and loved ones that they can live a life that God created them to live through a natural, gentle, and drug free approach. Dr. McKay truly has the gift of healing and is touching many lives (and spines!!) with her passion, love, knowledge, dedication, and enthusiasm for her patients.
I am eternally grateful that I have discovered Healthy Life Chiropractic. Thanks to Dr. Tina and her team for all they are doing to help us be the BEST we can be!
-Laura Elliot