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Do We Shrink As We Age?

Growing older has many benefits: more time to spend with family, wisdom, and clearer priorities just to name a few. Along with aging comes many changes that happen to the body. Hearing, vision, memory, and hair are some of the things we lose...but what about height?

Have a Healthy Halloween!

Halloween is here, which means carving pumpkins, scary movies, and of course lots of tricks and treats. While we all love delicious goodies, we don’t necessarily love how they make us feel or the weight we might gain. As we gear up for the holiday season, weight gain is incredibly common…and frustrating. We’ve put together some tips on how to enjoy a healthy Halloween!

Tips For Better Sleep

Getting the proper amount of sleep is imperative to your overall health and well-being. How well you sleep depends upon your activity level, diet, and what you do before hopping into bed. You might be sabotaging your chances of a good night's sleep without even knowing it! Here are our tips to help you catch some zzz's.

What A Pair: Massage and Chiropractic Care

If you've been following our blogs, you know there are many benefits to chiropractic care and you're probably already aware of the relaxing effects of massage therapy. But did you know that the two make quite a pair? Getting both routine chiropractic adjustments and regular massages can enhance your overall wellness.

Tips For A Healthy Summer!

Summer is nearly here and that means an increase in activity...and also an increase in back injuries! Many of us are getting back outside: playing sports, gardening, and starting up an exercise plan. The stress and fatigue increased activity puts on your body can lead to issues and injuries. Chiropractic care can help you recover, and our health and wellness tips can help you have a healthier summer! 

Do You Need A Digital Detox?

No matter where you look, technology is right there. Whether you're staring at your phone, tablet, or computer screen in your home or at the office, tech devices are everywhere. Even though technology has greatly advanced much of our lives and makes many things easier, it also consumes a great amount of our time and can lead to a decline in health and relationships. Texting, chatting, tweeting, and gaming all seem innocent, but they can quickly become addictive.

Want To Improve Your Immunity?

If optimal health is a goal for you, then a properly functioning immune system is necessary. The question is, how do you get one? Follow our tips to help your body fend off illness and make room for true health.

How to Stay Healthy!

It seems as though we are hearing the term "health care" more than ever before, particularly in the news. Usually, what is being referred to is "sick" care, which is care that is given  when one already has an injury or symptoms of an illness. "Health care” is what often refers to the grand efforts we see in the media and on TV to save a person’s life using drastic surgery or medication.