"I worked for Wal-Mart for 20 years walking on hard floors 10 hours a day. I felt a horrible pain in my right hip/buttocks area and could not bend or walk. My sister did a little research and recommended Healthy Life Chiropractic- They do EVERYTHING! After the first treatment, the pain was gone! After being educated on my problems, they worked on my whole body and it feels 100% better. I have never been a good sleeper, but I am sleeping much better and get up in the morning ready to go! I have never felt better!"

- Michael Chambers

"My daughter came in to see Dr. Rob for possible curve in her spine. She was officially diagnosed with scoliosis after her evaluation. As parents, we were having a hard time wrapping out heads around what that meant for our beautiful 8 year old girl. Dr. Rob, Dr. Tina, and the whole staff at Healthy Life Chiropractic have been phenomenal! After 2 months of treatment- regular adjustments and exercises- we are seeing a huge improvement! Her hips are aligned now, her feet meet properly, and she is feeling better all around. We haven’t retaken her x-rays yet- not until we’ve done treatment for a whole year- but based off our experience, and results we’ve seen so far, I am confident that her curve has not gotten worse and has probably even improved!"

- Margaret Wearne

"I began my chiropractic care in October 2017 because of increased pain and decreased mobility in my left hip that had gotten increasingly worse over the previous 4-5 months. I love that I have been able benefit from whole body treatment that in turn has almost completely taken away the issues I was experiencing with my hip. I am so grateful for feeling good again and I highly recommend Healthy Life for your chiropractic care and total life wellness."

- Cindy Chaisson

“The online store is wonderful. It is very convenient for those busy and always on the go. I love all the purchase options. From supplements to oils and even honey can be purchased from your computer or smart phone. I look forward to a search option becoming available as there are so many products offered.”

–Vermillion Himes

"I have been a patient at Healthy Life Chiropractic for over 3 years! After driving several hundred miles a week and spending time on the computer for work, I not only get regular adjustments, I utilize the massage therapists as well. I've recently begun using, with success, Standard Process supplements and Doterra Essential Oils. I appreciate the holistic approach to care by all of the staff at Healthy Life!"

-Debbie Fambro

"I have been coming to Healthy Life Chiropractic for over a year now. The treatments I receive give me such a relief of stress. The personnel is a big part of my relief. They are terrific and very professional. Dr. Tina is very educated in her field. Between treatments and supplements, I am feeling much better. I would, and have, recommend Dr. Tina to my friends." 

- Sandy Cooper