Dr. Larry's "Are You Strategy or Identity Based?"

Hold on tight, this one's a doozie!  This week we have a slightly longer post by Dr. Larry Markson to help you determine if your personality is "Identity-Based" or "Strategy-Based."  This is a very interesting way to view your personality in the context of how you view success and how you go about achieving your concept of success.  So, sit back and take a little extra time because this one is worth it!

Are You Strategy or Identity Based?

by Dr. Larry Markson

The distinguishing feature that separates my philosophy of success with others is that it is uniquely “Identity-Based,” and not merely “Strategy-Based.”

Strategy-Based means that you are told what action steps need to be taken for you to get better results with various procedures, such as new patient acquisition, patient education, patient retention, fees, payment options and collections, staff training, public speaking and running the business part of the practice, etc.  Simply, it means telling you what to do and telling you that if you do what we say, you will get the desired results.

Oh, if that were only true, life and practice success would be so very easy.  We’d tell you what to do, when to do it, how to do it and why to do it that way…and poof, as if by magic every DC taught a given procedure would reach the same outstanding level of achievement.

Sadly though, just telling doctors what to do, NEVER gets the results the teacher or the chiropractor wants.  For example, if I taught 10 different doctors the same exact method of conducting a highly successful Spinal Screening, and those thoroughly trained individuals did their screening at the same Health Fair, on the same day, they would get 10 different results…some outstanding, and some outstandingly poor.

Why?  Because 10 different individuals with 10 different I.Q.’s, 10 different levels of skill, 10 different belief systems and 10 different levels of confidence, security, ability to confront and face rejection ALWAYS get different results.  Pure logic would say that they all possessed different knowledge, communication skills, attitudes, desires, ability to bounce back from adversity and a whole host of other contributing factors.

Hence, strategy-based advice by itself is limited and works for some better than for others.  But, when it does work it is never because of the strategy…it is because of the person who is applying that strategy and most importantly, the IDENTITY of that individual.

Who You Are…

Identity means, “Who you are determines how well what you do works.” It means who you are way down deep inside, your desires, your likes or dislikes, your confidence or fears, your willingness to  adapt and change, or  even  your  “I’m just fine the way am” attitude.  Basically, I’m talking about your self-image, your self-esteem, your values hierarchy and the behavior patterns that define everything you do or do not do, and even how well you do them.

Achievement then is ALWAYS based upon WHO YOU ARE! So, what seems to be the problem here? 

Why do some doctors enthusiastically join a practice building program program, hoping beyond all reasonable expectations that within a few months or even a year, they will be able to change their complete identity, eliminate their past and many times limited pre-programming and become an entirely different person overnight?

While that does happen for a select few, changing yourself into a successful person who then builds a successful practice, is a process that requires considerable time, perhaps even years.  Sounds like what you tell your patients about healing, doesn’t it?

So, given the time, what then is the ingredient that is required?

The Courage To Change Who You Are!

I know, that sounds too easy, too simple and you want me to conjure up some far more exotic and complex ingredient.  But I assure you there is none.  All that is required is COURAGE and the burning desire to change. It has never been a question of CAN you change…of course you can!  It has always been a question of WILL you change.  Well, will you?

Do you have the courage, the guts, the audacity, the tenacity and the determination to shed old habit patterns regardless of how uncomfortable that might be, and persist until new, healthier and more successful habit patterns replace them.  That calls for making a major decision. And, by the way COURAGE IS A DECISION!

You are not born with courage and no one can give it to you. It cannot be purchased or earned by being nice or by doing good deeds.  Courage is already within you!  Perhaps it is dormant, but it is there.  Courage comes from you, not to you!

Defined, courage is the state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear or vicissitudes with self-possession and bravery.  People don’t change because they are afraid to change, although after years of trying and failing, their minds now tell them that they are okay just the way they are.

Just remember that change takes time and hard work.  It is not for the faint of heart, the procrastinators or the lazy.  It requires (1) a decision to change (2) the courage to face the new feelings and take new actions (3) a true desire to do whatever it takes without looking back, and (4) a professional coach or evaluator to keep you on track and give you viewpoints different from your own.

What I am saying here is that success, happiness and achievement are SKILLS, and as such can be identified, taught and learned by anyone willing to pay the price of learning those skills.

In chiropractic, this is surely true.  We have clearly identified what it takes to grow the practice of your dreams and to live the lifestyle you want.  The only roadblock is you, and how serious you are about changing and acquiring the personal ingredients that will propel you to your goals.