Morning Motivation:"The Good Old Days"

Bill Esteb gives us this article about making the most of your days!

Someday, these will be the "good old days."

Then, you'll appreciate your current circumstances. If that seems difficult or impossible to believe, it could reveal that you think your best days are behind you, not ahead of you. That's a decision, a choice and a mindset.

You control that.

When you abdicate your role as a co-creator, surrendering to circumstances and allowing situations to control you, you embrace a victim mentality that actually makes things worse.

This week, vow to show up as the most positive, upbeat and optimistic person that patients encounter all day.

If that seems impossible, you've forgotten to count your blessings--a critical oversight minimizing your influence and reducing your new patient attractability. Every patient wants their future to be better than their present. That's why they're seeing you. It's this hope that fuels the healing process. Make sure you're not inadvertently standing in the way.