Beat Low Back Pain!


If you have ever suffered from recurring low back pain, you know that things could be just fine and then all of a sudden, you are feeling that pain once again. You might even end up stuck on the couch with an ice pack, unable to move. We’ve heard of this scenario time and time again. There are some measures you can take to prevent this from happening, and here are our tips.


You should understand that the pain your are feeling is actually a symptom of the problem, and not the problem itself. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t quite right. There is some dysfunction taking place, and the nerve fibers that transmit pain are stimulated. Pain is then transmitted through your nervous system. The nervous system has many jobs to do, and roughly 11% of that work is transmitting pain. Pain is usually the last sign to show itself and the first to go away. so try not to use it as the main indicator of how well your body is functioning.

Our Take: Don't let back pain be the motivating factor behind making spinal health a priority. Maintaining a healthy spine is important to your health as a whole.


You’ve heard the saying before, and it holds true for maintaining a healthy spine and reducing back pain. We commonly see patients suffering from recurring back pain due to inconsistently taking care of their spine. Practice spine-supporting and healthy activities like exercise, strength training, and chiropractic care. You can’t expect to develop perfectly toned muscles by exercising just once a week, and the same goes for a healthy, properly functioning, pain-free spine. Most people know what they need to do to maintain a healthy spine, they just don’t take those steps with consistency.

Our Take: Practice healthy spinal routines like core strengthening, stretching, and chiropractic care on a regular basis.


One of the primary factors of recurring back pain that we see is that people take part in activities they want to do, but ones that aren’t necessarily healthy for the spine. While we encourage our patients to take part in activities they love, it’s important to remember that as we age, those activities can be more of a challenge. What was easy at 22 might be a bit more difficult at 52, and that is perfectly okay. Even if healthy activities for your spine aren’t your favorite, be sure to include them in your routine to maintain spinal healthy. If you push yourself to do too many things that your body and spine don’t like, you could end up paying the price in pain.

Our Take: Take care with your body and ask yourself if the activity you want to do is the healthiest thing for your body and spine. Is the aftermath worth it?

We know it isn’t always easy to do what is best for your body, but we are here to help you navigate those difficult challenges. Don’t hesitate to contact us or ask during your next appointment for more spinal health tips.