Chiropractic Care for Asthma Relief


The Centers for Disease Control reports that asthma affects about every 1 in 13 individuals. Asthma is also the leading cause for chronic disease in children, and is one of the top reasons for school absences. Asthma causes over 2 million emergency room visits per year, and the average stay for over night hospital stays is over three days. When so many people are suffering from asthma, the chances are high that you or someone you know suffers from asthma. So, can chiropractic help?

What Exactly Is Asthma?

Asthma is defined as a chronic disease characterized by repetitive episodes of breathlessness and wheezing. The frequency and severity are dependent upon each individual. Some people may suffer from attacks at any time, while others experience them situationally, such as after exposure to certain allergens or after strenuous exercise.

When an asthma attack occurs, the linings of the passageways that air flows through in an out of the lungs, or the bronchial tubes, becomes swollen and irritated. That irritation leads to a narrowing of the tubes and results in restricted airflow in and out of the lungs. The sufferer then experiences wheezing and breathlessness.

The obvious discomfort and lack of proper airflow can lead to more serious health issues for asthma sufferers. They can experience difficulty sleeping, fatigue, and struggle to concentrate.

Can Chiropractic Help?

As chiropractors, we don't treat asthma. However, we see how the body functions in relation to the health of an individual's spine. If we have a patient suffering from an ailment like asthma, we will look at the levels of the spine associated with all involved structures. For example, we can check and adjust the thoracic spinal segments, because the nerves that leave that portion of the spine supply the bronchial tubes and lungs.

If a patient's throracic spine is not reaching its full range of motion or is misaligned, it can cause an interference with how much the lungs expand during inhalation. When the patient's spine is adjusted and the full range of motion is restored to the thoracic spine, the lungs can better reach their full ability to take in the greatest amount of air. The decrease in movement may seem small, but for those dealing with asthma, all motion counts. Therefore, chiropractic adjustments may provide asthma sufferers with some relief!

If you are an asthma sufferer and are looking for for additional ways to help your body perform at its best, call us today for a consultation so we can help you and your lungs life a healthy life!