Concussion? Chiropractic Can Help.


Head injuries unfortunately sometimes just happen. They occur more often to those who are active in sporting activities like biking, football, and speed sports, but they can happen to regular people taking part in regular activities. As an athlete, preventative measures like mouthguards and helmets can help, but what happens afterward? How can you best care for your spine and yourself after you’ve suffered a head injury?

What is A Concussion?

Head injuries, also called traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and commonly known as concussions. Concussions are sustained when the brain has been shaken within the skull causing irritation to the brain itself. One can sustain a traumatic brain injury through both repeated motions or one violent motion. The head itself doesn’t have to actually hit something for this injury to occur. The severity of the symptoms experienced depend on the severity of the injury itself.

Concussions are commonly caused by slip and fall accidents, shaking the head violently and fast in a side-to-side or back and forth motion, or any event in which whiplash occurs.

Take Care!

If you ever suspect you have sustained a concussion or serious head injury, we urge you to visit the emergency room or your medical doctor for your immediate needs.

After you receive immediate care, the head injury isn’t over. The symptoms from a TBI can linger for some time and can include headaches, vertigo, concentration and memory problems, neck pain, and more. Here are our suggestions to take care of yourself after a head injury.

Chiropractic Care - When the brain is irritated and shaken, body’s communication system is negatively affected. When you receive regular chiropractic adjustments, you help nervous system communication to improve by restoring spinal joint motion. There are many positive side effects to chiropractic adjustments, including a sort of reboot of the electrical impulses that are transmitted through the nervous system and a sharpening of the communication process. This also promotes restoration of proper muscle function and tone. For those receiving regular chiropractic adjustments, pain relief is also a benefit many commonly experience.

Rest/Light Activity -For those that are active in life, it is easy to forget just how important rest is. Think about when you take on a serious workout regiment; experts recommend including one day of rest to allow your body to recuperate. Just as your body needs to recuperate, so does your brain. Rest doesn’t mean you have to completely immobile, but it does mean light activity like walking. It is important for those that are active to modify their exercise routines in order to recover.

Stay Hydrated - Every cell in your body requires water. You know proper hydration is important to your health and wellness, and that is especially so when you are recovering from a TBI. Drink at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water each day to help your cells and brain heal as efficiently as possible.

Patience is key when it comes to healing from a concussion. The recovery process takes time, and we can help you during your recovery process. Contact us to see how chiropractic care can benefit you.