Hit The Trails Without Pain!

A crisp October morning is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy a nice, long hike. Whether you’re a hardcore hiker or headed out for a casual stroll, the last thing you want is for a back or joint injury to take you out on the trail. Here are our tips to stay safe while out for a hike.

Take Preventative Measures!

To make your hiking trip easier on your joints and back, there are some preventative measures you should take.

These Boots Were Made For Walking: Good hiking boots can (literally) be a lifesaver. A grippy tread, ankle support, and comfortable cushioning are must-haves for hiking boots. Be sure to do your homework when purchasing a pair of hiking boots — some might look great, but fail to perform. Read reviews, try on several different pairs, and talk to outdoor store employees.

Don’t Be A Stickler: A strong walking stick or walking poles will help you maintain your balance so you can avoid any injury-inducing falls. Even if you don’t fall. struggling to keep your balance and throw joints out of alignment and wrench muscles. A solid hiking pole may just become your back’s best friend!

One Is the Loneliest Number…: Sure, hiking solo can be relaxing and even meditative. But it can also be dangerous. Joint damage caused by a fall can be made much worse if you don’t have someone around to help you or to apply first aid (here’s your reminder to pack a first aid kit!). Should an emergency situation present itself, it is best to be prepared and with a hiking buddy.

See Your Chiropractor: Hiking requires balance and strength, neither of which you will have much of if you have misaligned joints and subluxations. Regular chiropractic adjustments will ensure that your body is in proper alignment, which will reduce pain, improve coordination and balance, and help your nervous system function at its best.

If you are looking forward to some beautiful hikes this Fall, be sure to contact us and schedule an adjustment to keep you in alignment!