Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Care


Peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, Batman and Robin — some things just go together, and that includes chiropractic care and massage. Combining the two can speed up recovery for those suffering from medical issues and or soreness. Here’s how chiropractic massage can help.

You’re probably thinking a massage is just a massage, right? There are a wide variety of massage types including deep tissue, hot stone, shiatsu and they each have their own benefits. Massage is focused primarily on reducing stress and we believe there’s no such thing as a bad type of massage, but some are more effective than others at addressing specific issues such as injuries or pain. All the options can be difficult to figure out, and we are here to help you find the best type of massage for your needs.

1. We will tell your massage therapist which areas need the most attention

You can only receive a chiropractic massage after an examination from your chiropractor. At Healthy Life Chiropractic, we will identify the areas that need specific attention from the masseuse and create a custom treatment plan. Your next step is to sit back and relax!

2. Chiropractic Massages are typically covered by insurance

Unlike most massages, chiropractic massages are often covered by insurance because they fall under chiropractic care. If you are unsure if your benefits will cover a chiropractic massage, just contact us and we will help you find out!

3. Chiropractic Masseuses Are Skilled at Treating Injuries

Our chiropractic massage therapists provide more than relaxing massage — they are trained to treat injuries. General massage typically covers most of the body. During chiropractic massage sessions, your massage therapist will focus primarily on a specific area. in order to do that, they must have a strong understanding of the underlying issues and the best techniques to use to treat them.

If you are looking to enhance your chiropractic experience and enjoy the benefits of a chiropractic massage, click here to request an appointment today! To make things even better, take advantage of our Father’s Day sale and enjoy great deals on massage packages!