Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Our office specializes in prenatal and pediatric care.  Our chiropractors have received special training and have checked the spines of infants as early as minutes after birth. 

The birthing process can cause extreme physical trauma on the infant and the mother, however, chiropractic can minimize the trauma on the mother by ensuring that her spine and hips are in proper alignment before, while minimizing the trauma on the infant by providing proper spinal alignment as soon as possible. Spinal checks can also reduce colic, ear/nose/throat infections, and other sicknesses in newborns and infants. They can also facilitate breast feedings and reduce the severity of allergies and sleep disorders. 

Pediatric adjustments are extremely gentle and use no more pressure than would be necessary to test the ripeness of a tomato. As infants begin to grow, they become more mobile. Beginning with supporting their own heads, sitting up right, and learning to crawl, children quickly proceed to walking and then running. Spinal checks can correct any spinal issues that may arise in this fast-paced phase. Some other childhood issues, such as bed-wetting and 'growing pains,' can be due to subluxations. When corrected by adjustments, these behaviors can reduce or even stop completely.

We also strive to make our little patients as comfortable as possible. This may mean that we also adjust or do therapies on barbie dolls, turtles and Woody. If the children see that their special toy is ok, then they are more likely to let us do the same therapies on them. It's the little things to make them feel safe and comfortable.