What's the Cause of your Back Pain?


You've probably experienced this scenario before: you're just doing you day-to-day activities, and in an instant, you are experiencing back pain. You most likely thought to yourself, "But I didn't even do anything!". 

What you don't realize is that your back pain isn't always from what you did five days ago, let alone five minutes ago. It's more in line with the old idiom "the straw that broke the camel's back"...no pun intended! 


Find the Cause

For many back pain sufferers, chronic stress is the cause. Stress wreaks havoc on the nervous systems, and will eventually cause neck and back issues. Through stress may seem invisible, it has a physical toll on the body that can lead to injury. The very real strain of carrying the weight of all the stress you are experiencing is put on you back and neck.

Think of it this way: say you go to your favorite coffee shop and try to pay with your debit card. You card gets denied, but you were sure it would go through, especially because the purchase was only for a few dollars. Well, it wasn't the $5 latte that broke the bank, it was all the money you spent earlier. Because you didn't manage your account properly in the first place, you are now faced with embarrassment, inconvenience, and overage fees!

The example may seem very different, but the same concept applies to your health. If you ignore what your body is telling you, it will find a way to tell you loud and clear that you've overlooked something. 

Beat Your Back Pain

If you don't want to end up overspent, you've got to pay attention to what your body is telling you. Learn how to properly manage stress, eat healthy, get plenty of rest, and call us to schedule a chiropractic adjustment!