"I began my chiropractic care in October 2017 because of increased pain and decreased mobility in my left hip that had gotten increasingly worse over the previous 4-5 months. I was referred to this office by a friend that only had great things to say about the entire practice. From my very first visit the staff was very friendly, caring and accommodating to my needs and concerns. I think it is great that within just a couple of visits everyone in the office calls you by name like you have been their patient for years.

I love that I have been able benefit from whole body treatment that in turn has almost completely taken away the issues I was experiencing with my hip. I have experienced various treatments such as massage, muscle stem and cold laser treatment along with chiropractic adjustments. I have benefitted from HRT by doing a 21 day purification supplement and adding other supplements that have help with with improving my well being. Dr. Rob has been so professional and caring throughout my care and treatment. He has consistently shown concern and has been great for teaching me new techniques and exercises to strengthen and regain my mobility.

I am so grateful for feeling good again and I highly recommend Healthy Life for your chiropractic care and total life wellness."

- Cindy Chaisson