New Year’s Tolerations


It's the new year and all of the resolutions are thick.  Here is a great perspective on how to tackle yours this year instead of setting yourself up for failure like most people do.

This is from Dr. Dawn Cadwallader on her blog from 2014 -

Think About It

Random Thoughts From My Monkey Mind

Not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions, I spend time setting my goals by October 1st each year. It has been proven that it takes 90 days to become clear on what you want in life. This year, as with every other, come January 1st, I hear of people’s resolutions and I cringe. Their words are full of things they want to stop doing and “get rid of.” So, this year, I decided to make a list of my New Year’s Tolerations. Instead of saying what I DON’T want for 2014, here is my list of what I have decided I AM going to attract into my life in the year to come.

1. Positivity-In 2014, I’m going to only attract positive things into my world. Got something negative to say? Go away. And, if I do decide that even though you are a negative person and I want to keep you in my life…I’ve got a Magical Rubber Wall. Your negativity will bounce right off me. BOING!

2. Love-I’m so exhausted at hearing what people hate. What you hate, hates you back. So why not state what you love? I love my patients, friends, family, flowers, sunshine, warm fuzzy footie pajamas, a nice glass (bottle) of red wine, the sound the rain makes against my windows on a warm summer day, big belly laughs, espresso….I could go on about the things I love. I choose to forget the things I hate. Oh, and I love juicy pear Jelly Belly Jelly Beans.

3. Feeling Good-What is this thing I hear people always saying, “But I feel bad!”? Enough with the feeling bad! Why not decide that you are only going to accept the words and actions of others that make you feel good. Stop with the guilt. Guilt is a senseless emotion. Decide that you will no longer allow others to make you feel guilty. Get it out of your life and start feeling good for every action you take.

4. Faith-Having once been a very fearful person, the turning point in my life was when my mentor taught me that Faith and Fear cannot coexist. As long as you are faithful that everything will always work out and that The Universe brings you the things that you desire if you work hard enough to attract them into your life, you will rid yourself of your fears. Spend time affirming your faith that only good things come your way and…POOF! They will! It’s just that simple.

5. Nice People-I’m not a fan of the word “nice” but I don’t know a better way to describe the opposite of Mean People. I hear people talking about each other in negative ways every day. Look at social media and you can always see some person bashing someone else. Don’t like me? Don’t be in my life. Don’t like what I have to say? Don’t be my friend. Period. I’d rather not have your friendship than find out you have bad things to say behind my back.

6. Being Accountable-In 2014, I’m going to make myself accountable every day and ask the same of those around me. Excuses are for losers. If I give you one, call me out on it and make me accountable for my responsibilities.

7. Good Service-As a business owner in a service based industry, I expect good service at the businesses where I choose to spend my money. In the past, I have fallen into a trap of feeling too bad (see #3) to leave a business that I have been loyal to for years even though the service is not up to my standards. No more. This year, I am not going to give my time and money to places that don’t treat their customers like I treat mine.

8. Stopping To Smell The Roses-Have you been told you move too fast and don’t ever take time to relax? Do what I did. Break your foot. That will slow you down! This year, I will take more time to enjoy my life, breathe deeply, and “chill.” I accepted my broken foot as a message from The Universe that I needed to do just that. But don’t make me accountable (See #6) if I still walk 10 feet ahead of you, I just walk fast! (Sorry, Rob)

9. Belly Laughter-You may remember seeing this in my “Love” section. I decided it deserved its own number. I love laughing to the point of crying and the person who makes me do it best is Sophie. This year, I’m going to laugh as much as possible and stop taking myself so damn seriously.

10. Promptness-If you’re not early, you’re late. Most of the people that know me know how important it is to me to be on time. “Running late” stresses me out. I have the clock set on my bathroom vanity for 15 minutes later than what it is just so it “looks” later to me. I know. It’s odd. But it keeps me on the ball in the morning. By the same token, I expect others to be on time. I wait 10 minutes for others (without a phone call) and that is all. Time is my most precious commodity. Don’t waste mine and I won’t waste yours.

11. Confrontation-It’s very simple. If I do something you don’t like, tell me. We hold in hurts and anger when it would be much easier to confront situations and let them go. Looking back at my own life, I know so many of the hurt feelings and pains I harbored were false truths and would have been easily worked through if I would have just had the courage to confront. What’s worse, having a small fight about a situation or having hurt feelings for decades? Yeah, I thought so.

12. Dreams-I’ve decided that I don’t spend enough time dreaming. In a world filled with busy-ness and stress, I don’t think most of us do take time to dream every day. I’m going to dream every day this year and welcome you to as well.

13. Forgiveness-Want to feel the biggest release of your life? Decide this year to forgive. Forgive every one for every wrong they did to you. It doesn’t mean you think they are right. They don’t even have to KNOW you forgave them. Let it go! You can lift the weight of the world off your shoulders when you learn that forgiveness is a choice you make to let go of the past and accept all future positivity into your life.

14. Gratitude-Giving thanks is one of my favorite things to do. If you spend a little time each day giving thanks for not only your possessions, but the good things in your life, you will find that more good comes. Nature abhors a vacuum, and as you give thanks you create an empty space in your heart for more love to come. This year, I have decided to be accountable (See #6) for giving gratitude for at least 3 things each day and write them down. Want to really push your limits? Start thanking The Universe for even the bad things that come your way, because even the negative things that happen in your life have reason and by giving gratitude for the lessons learned, you will create more abundance in your life.

Here’s to an amazing 2014, and all of the things you decide you will tolerate this year!

Abundant Love and Respect, Dawn