Do You Need A Digital Detox?


No matter where you look, technology is right there. Whether you're staring at your phone, tablet, or computer screen in your home or at the office, tech devices are everywhere. Even though technology has greatly advanced much of our lives and makes many things easier, it also consumes a great amount of our time and can lead to a decline in health and relationships. Texting, chatting, tweeting, and gaming all seem innocent, but they can quickly become addictive.

Although it's impossible to completely remove technology from your life, it's important to take a break sometimes. That doesn't mean escaping to nature (although that is a great thing to do from time to time!) or completely removing technology from your life, but we do suggest you take a timeout from tech and follow these tips for a digital detox.

  1. Even Your Phone Should Have a Bedtime: At least an hour before you go to bed, turn off your phone and other electronics. Blue lights from our handheld devices can disrupt the body's process for winding down. Without those interruptions, you will most likely find it is easier to unwind and enjoy a great night's sleep. 
  2. No Phones at Dinner Time: We recently made our dining room table a "no phone zone". When enjoying a meal with friends and family, they should be your main priority. Turn off the electronics at the table and focus on who is in front of you, not the most recent Facebook update.
  3. Tech Time Limit: Give yourself a time limit on how long you can use your phone or tablet. It might mean checking your email just a few less times a day. Don't spend more than 15 minutes on social media sites, and turn your phone off at a specific time every night. These practices will encourage you to engage more with your surroundings instead of what is going on with your phone.
  4. Less Tech. More Vacation. When enjoying an amazing restaurant or taking in beautiful views, it can be very tempting to post images or reviews during your getaway. Take a moment and resist the urge. Try to fully experience what is happening right in front of you with the people right in front of you. You can always post pictures later, but you can't relive the moment you are in!
  5. Tech-Free Time Can Be Fun: Try downloading an app that monitors how much you time you spend on social media. You will most likely be amazed at how much of your day you lose to your phone or tablet. Instead of technology sneaking away your time, you could be spending it accomplishing your newest exercise goal, laughing with friends, volunteering, learning a new skill, or even just relaxing! 

We know technology is necessary in today's world for most of us. But that doesn't mean you have to let it run your life. By following our digital detox tips, you will be living in the world around you, not the one in the palm of your hand. Digital detoxes can nourish your mind and body, meaning a healthier you.