Is Your Posture Affecting Your Mood?


Do you check the way you are sitting or standing during the course of the day? Are you making sure your weight is evenly distributed, or are you leaning more weight on one leg? You might not realize just how much your posture affects you, especially when it comes to your mood. A number of studies have shown that good posture can directly affect your mood in a positive way, and eliminate stress.


Have you ever read a dog's mood? You know that if their tail is tucked between their legs and their head is down, something is wrong. Well, the same idea applies to humans! Do you find yourself walking around with your shoulders slumped, head held low? Erik Peper, Ph.D., a professor of Health Education at the San Francisco State University, conducted a study that showed individuals who walk with a slumped posture can have feelings of diminished energy and depression.

Furthermore, this same study found that those feelings can be reversed if one simply corrects their posture. Who knew that you could improve your mood by simply straightening your shoulders and back? The same concept applies to power posing (think posing like a superhero). If you're feeling insecure, try to power pose like Superman, and feel your confidence increase!

If you don't feel 100%, carry yourself like you do. An improvement in posture may actually improve your mood, give you more energy, and boost your confidence. If you would like help improving your posture, contact us today and give chiropractic a try!