Get a Healthy Start to 2018!


Around the holidays, we're all guilty of indulging in too many sweets and less frequent trips to the gym. If you catch a winter cough or cold, you'll be in even worse shape! But getting back on the path to a healthier you in 2018 can be done with a few smart and simple steps! 


  • Avoid processed foods: We all know that fast food isn't good for us. It might be convenient, but try to avoid it, as those processed foods are loaded with unhealthy and unrecognizable ingredients. Remember this tip: if you can't pronounce the ingredients, don't buy the food!
  • Cut the (bad) fat: The saturated fats found in butter and dairy (like ice cream and milk) can cause clogged arteries. Replace them with heart-healthy fats, which can be found in fish, avocados, and nuts. Also, pay attention to and limit consumption of trans fats, as they are also not good for your heart.
  • Consume more colorful fruits and vegetables. It's all about antioxidants, and fruits and vegetables will help increase your antioxidant levels. Try to add more colorful fruits and veggies, like kale, spinach, pomegranates, and blueberries. Not only are they pretty to look at and taste great, they also help boost your immune system! Try to purchase organic or grow them yourself!
  • Choose powerful proteins: Protein is a vital part of a healthy diet. Not only does protein help build strong muscles, it also keeps you feeling fuller for longer. You can find healthy protein in a number of foods, including poultry, salmon, quinoa, and beans. Though red meat does have a lot of protein, it can lead to various health risks if you are consuming to much of it. If you choose to eat red meat, select lean, grass-fed beef. 


Whether it's running, cycling, swimming, walking, or paddle-boarding, regular exercise gets your good endorphins going, and helps you stay healthy. If your current exercise routine is a bore, try a new workout class or choose an activity that you love. If staying motivated is still a challenge, ask a friend to join you. Not only will it make your workout more enjoyable, but you'll be less likely to ditch your workout if you've got someone holding you accountable! 


Insufficient sleep can have lasting negative impacts on the body. Restorative rest is crucial to your body's ability to stay healthy. Limit caffeine intake to the morning hours and keep the temperature cool at night to induce a sound sleep.  Remember to avoid your phone and table at night, as the artificial light from your gadgets make it harder for you to to shut down.


Your greatest wealth is your health, so take care of yourself as best as you can! Add regular chiropractic visits to your health plan for 2018 for a natural way to boost your immune system, which will help you stay well and optimize your health.