Curb Your Sugar Cravings


As you work towards a healthier you in 2018, perhaps the most important area to focus on is your eating habits. One great way to do this is to cut sugar out of your diet. Typically, women tend to have more of a sweet tooth than men, which is due to the female hormone estradiol. Sugar cravings can also be because of overloaded adrenal glands, a yeast infection, an underactive thyroid gland, or an imbalance of bacteria in the body. So, what steps can you take to curb your sugar cravings?


Organic food can be more expensive, but your health is worth it! If you shop around, you can often find organic foods at great prices, particularly at stores like Trader Joe's. When you choose processed foods, you are choosing foods that tend to contain a lot of sugar, and studies have shown that our bodies crave sugar more than fat. So, the more sugar in the food, the more likely we are to crave it again. Avoiding sugary and processed foods is a great way to set yourself up for success. 


This one might sound silly, but give it a try! Next time you are craving something sweet, imagine it covered in salt. Not just a light dusting, but absolutely covered. Now imagine yourself putting even more salt on the sweet food you are craving, and you will most likely stop craving it. The salty sweet visualization exercise has been proven to be effective because we have a natural aversion to foods that are overly salted.


Probiotics are an important part of a healthy diet, as they can help restore balance to natural bacterial levels in your body. When the bacteria in your body is properly balanced, you are less likely to have sugar cravings!  


It might seem obvious to keep your blood sugar stable, but a surprising amount of people don't do this. If your blood sugar levels are unstable, negative effects include a lack of energy, mood swings, an increase in cravings, imbalanced hormones, and memory issues. There are many steps you can take to balance your blood sugar, including consuming foods that are low on the glycemic index (like berries veggies, seeds, and nuts), eating small meals frequently throughout the day, being sure to eat protein with all meals, don’t forget breakfast and ditch the sodas.

By taking these steps, you can reduce or eliminate the cravings you're having for sugary foods. Contact us today to see how we can help you reach your health goals in 2018!