May is the Month for Healthy Posture!

At Healthy Life Chiropractic, we always stress the importance of proper posture. Your posture truly is imperative to your overall health, usually more so than people realize. May is Correct Posture Month, so what better time to take in a few of our posture improving tips?!

Why Is Posture Important?

When you practice proper posture, you will enjoy many benefits including better sleep, less joint pain, and better organ function. Plus, great posture can help y our chiropractic treatments to be more effective, which will lead you to enjoy better health and wellness.

Tip #1: Be Aware

The first step you can take toward proper posture is to be aware of yours, particularly if you have poor posture. When you feel yourself hunching forward, slumping, or if your back begins to sway, take a moment to readjust and correct it. Imagine that you have a string coming from the top of your head. Now envision pulling that string and straightening up everything below it. Think tall and take into account what good posture feels like.

Tip #2: Try Using a Wall

You can use a number of household objects to help with exercise, and that includes bettering your posture. Try using a wall to help you understand how you should shift your pelvis in order to stand up straight. Many of our patients fall into the habit of tilting their pelvis back, but if you learn how to roll it forward, you can get an understanding of how to carry yourself.

Try standing up against a wall with your back flat. Your feet should be right underneath you as you press the small of your back up against the wall. Can you feel how your body shifts as your pelvis shifts? Do this as many times as you need to get a good feel so you can practice keeping your pelvis in position throughout the day.

Tip 3: Take Regular Trips to the Chiropractor

Regular chiropractic adjustments can help your correct your posture, even if you are practicing at home. With the professional help of our team at Healthy Life Chiropractic, you will find success in your search for better posture. Better alignment and mobility will help you accomplish the important goal of practicing proper posture. We can also suggest exercises to help improve your posture and keep you healthy! Click here to request an appointment!