Tips for Better Sleep

Chiropractic Pillows: Why You Need One

Are you having a hard time getting a good night’s sleep? Well, you’re not alone. It might seem strange that there are specific pillows recommended by chiropractors, but we’ve got our reasons! Here’s why we think these pillows are better than others.

Back Pain and Sleep Deprivation: More Related Than You Think

For this week's article, we've got a guest blogger! Stacey L. Nash is a Seattle area writer for whose insomnia led her to research all aspects of sleep. Learn more about the connection between back pain and sleep deprivation.

Are You Making Sleep a Priority?

We've all been there...exhausted in the morning, but then come night time, there seems to be too much to do to go to bed at a reasonable hour! With the ever-growing to-do list, social obligations, and work responsibilities, sleep sometimes gets the short end of the stick. Here are a few suggestions to help ensure you are getting the sleep you need to stay energized and healthy.